Avoid these common MISTAKES when selling your home in 2017!

Mistake #1 Clutter! The way you live in your home and the way you show your home is not the same.  Buyers want a spacious home that they can envision themselves living in, so clear your counter tops, minimize the items in your closet and remove any excessive decorative items to give your home that open airy feel they’re searching for.


Mistake #2 Neglected Repairs! Now’s the time to check off all those small repairs that have accumulated on your to-do list, you don’t want to give potential buyers the impression that your home has been ill-maintained.


Mistake #3 Not Enough Exposure! Exposure is key to selling a home, you need to be sure your getting your home not only out there but in front of the right qualified buyers to ensure it sells fast and for the right price.


Mistake #4 Bad Photos! With most buyers screening homes online before booking an appointment stellar photos are a must. It’s money well spent to hire a professional photographer who will capture the right pictures to showcase your home, this will attract more consumers and get more showings on your home.


Mistake #5 Pets! Pets are family members and we all love them but buyers don’t want to be over powered by the smell of dog in your carpet or a stinky cat litter box that needs to be cleaned so get the stink out before you let the buyers in.


Mistake #6 The Wrong Price Tag! Over pricing is the #1 reason a home doesn’t sell. Over pricing deters potential buyers and in turn results in a stale listing. There’s a good chance that when you do eventually get an offer it will be for less money than it would have been if you had priced it right to begin with since buyers will think something is wrong with your home or they can low ball you because after months of no action you’re surely getting desperate to sell.


If you’re planning on selling your home contact #TheEdenTeam and we will be sure you don’t make these or any other common mistake!

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