Is New Construction For You?

It’s hard to get 100% of what you want in a resale home- you love the layout but not the location, you love the bedrooms but the kitchen is too small, the master bedroom is stunning but you really want an ensuite, etc… Building a brand new house will allow you to get exactly what you want which can be very appealing but is it the right choice for you?

What you see isn’t always what you get – You tour the model home and fall in love just to find out that it’s not an exact replica of what your home will be. Often times the model isn’t solely the standard features included in the list price, there’s usually a mix of standard features and upgrades. You need to find out which is which so you know exactly what’s included in the purchase price as well as what upgrades are available to you and at what cost. And don’t forget to get EVERYTHING in writing!

Do your homework and research the builder, search them online, check out their website, read all the reviews if there’s a common issue you will know what to address before going ahead, read testimonials, visit other developments and talk to homeowners. Get your real estate agent to show you previously built homes to see the quality and workmanship of the builder.

Think about what upgrades are going to be the best investment for you, for example it might be worth adding an additional bedroom or bonus space above the garage instead of getting granite countertops and hardwood floors throughout, finishings can be upgraded in the future but square footage and location are tough things to change.

Research the neighbourhood to know what the area is like. Where are the schools,shopping, parks and community centres? Find out what else is developing in the area. Drive around at different times of the day and on weekends to get a full impression of the neighbourhood.

Understand your floor plan, Often you’re buying a house that is not yet built and for some people it can be difficult to envision the size of rooms, it can be helpful to measure out the room with masking tape to give you a true feel of size and what will fit in the room.

If you decide to move forward with a new build make sure to have your lawyer review the paperwork before you sign, the paperwork can be long and complex and having an expert set of eyes look over it will be to your benefit.

Your home is your biggest investment so take your time, do your research and speak with professionals who have experience with new construction and don’t forget it’s ok to be picky after all the goal is to build your dream home!

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