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Selling with the Eden Murphy Team

There’s lots to know when it comes to selling a home.

There’s a lot more to marketing your home than simply putting a for sale sign on your lawn and your house on MLS.

Our first step when marketing your home is to identify the type of buyer who will be most likely to buy your home, for example, empty nesters, first time buyers, growing families, etc. Then we target those buyers. Since we know that over 90% of buyers search online that’s where we want to get in front of them first. We use social media and personalized promotions to get your home in front of our target audience as well as Kijiji ads, our website and the Century 21 website. Technology is essential but we don’t stop there we put our very recognizable for sale sign on your lawn. We go door to door in your neighbourhood to let your neighbours know your home is for sale because the truth is no one sells a neighbourhood like a neighbourhood. We hold and advertise open houses. And we even put your home in the old school newspaper!

We work in the largest brokerage in Oxford County which gives us the unique opportunity to market your home in our office to other real estate agents who are working with buyers.

We know how stressful selling a house can be, let us take care of all the details to make the selling process a positive experience!

Steps to Selling a Home

De-clutter & De-personalize
De-personalizing is all about neutralizing and removing your personality from the home so prospective buyers can mentally picture themselves living in the home. This can be accomplished by removing any personal pictures and items that are specific to you and your family and replacing them with more generic pictures and items that will appeal to the masses.

De-cluttering is all about showing the amount of space that your home has to offer. Rooms that are packed with bulky furniture and clutter will appear small. De-cluttering will maximize rooms giving them a spacious feel which enhances the layout and traffic flow.

Renovations and Repairs
We live in a fast paced world where we’re all guilty of over looking the little things, like burnt out light bulbs, dings in the walls and loose drawer pulls. The truth is when it comes to selling a home it’s the little things that count. Taking the time to do the minor repairs will send the right message to potential buyers that your home has been well cared for and well maintained. If you have small renovations that haven’t been completed now’s the time to finish them up or hire a handy man to get the job done quickly.

We want your home to not only be clean but to sparkle from top to bottom. Start at the ceiling cleaning cobwebs from light fixtures, shelving and the corners of rooms then work your way all the way down to washing baseboards, scrubbing grout and if you have carpet get them professionally cleaned. Once you get everything spotless and your home is listed the hard part starts – keeping it that way – this means making the beds, doing the dishes and cleaning up after the pets and kids everyday until it sells.

Staging can be accomplished by hiring a professional stager who does all the work for you or you can stage the home yourself, this just depends on your time and how much staging is required. Staging is all about making your home appeal to target buyers. For example if you live in a 3 bedroom home and you are using one bedroom as a dinning room it would be worth converting it back (staging it as) a bedroom to optimize the use and appeal to the largest number of buyers . Adding some fluffy pillows to beds, re-arranging your furniture to create better traffic flow, swapping out family photos for generic art work are all a part of staging. Getting your home looking it’s best will take some effort and time but it doesn’t have to be expensive – remember that the work you put into it will have a direct impact on the time it takes for your home to sell and of course the amount it sells for.

Market analysis

A comparative market analysis also known as a CMA is used to decide the best price tag to put on your home. When you’re comparing your home you want to look at similar homes, for example if you live in a bungalow you’ll want to compare your home to a bungalow. The other factor when comparing your home is time, you want to search homes that have sold in a relatively close amount of time (within a month or so). You’ll also want to search similar homes that are currently listed as well as similar homes that failed to sell. Once all the research is compiled you may have to make adjustments for any differences your home has such as lot size, update, etc to come up with the right price tag to place on your home. Pricing is an art, if you price too high your home won’t sell, if you price too low your home will sell fast but you will be leaving money on the table.

Marketing strategies

How you market a home is dependent on the home itself and who your target buyer is. If you’re home is main floor living and geared towards empty nesters and retirees you will market the home differently than you would a two storey home geared towards a young family. It’s about numbers and exposure is key – you want to get your house in front of as many prospective buyers as possible.

Show & Sell

Buyers will want to see your home around their schedules not yours which can make living through showings exhausting. The goal is to get as many people through your home as possible so you don’t want to turn any potential buyers away. Make sure you have a quick escape plan in place when a showing request comes in so you can easily accommodate prospective buyers, this can include taking the dog out for a walk, heading over to a neighbours house or treating yourself to a nice dinner out!

It’s offer time! You’re hard work has paid off and you’ve received an offer from a buyer to purchase your home! Your agent might receive the buyer’s offer by e-mail and present it to you or the buyer’s agent may present the offer to you and your agent in person. The offer will contain the main 5 main points – price, deposit, irrevocable time, closing date and conditions, along with all the legal jargon. After reviewing the offer you have 3 options for responding:

Accept the offer as is – congratulations your house is SOLD (or will be once the conditions are met)
Decline the offer completely – you and the buyer are too far apart and you don’t even want to entertain it
Counter the offer – for more money, a different closing date, better conditions, etc… once you send the offer back to the buyer the ball is now in their court and they now have the same 3 options to accept, decline or counter back to you.

Your agent has been through negotiations many times and will provide you with guidance and advice while working in your best interest to get you the terms and price you want. The eventual decision is always yours but it’s beneficial having a knowledgeable agent to assist you along the way.

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